Culmination Party for Italian Class at PS#1 in Santa Monica

May 27, 2009

On May 27 at PS#1 School in Santa Monica, Azzurra celebrated the end of the scholastic year with students, parents, consular and school authorities with “La Nostra Festa.”

By organizing a time to share learning experiences while enjoying great food and music together, the event embodied the joyous style of learning typical of the Italian courses implemented by our organization. We believe that the learning of a foreign language occurs through the interaction of motivation, passion, imagination and fun.

Our Italian teacher Simona guided the students on the path of discovery of the Italian language and culture by immersing them in a pleasant environment where they could play with words, sounds, images, tastes and scents from Italy. Every child had a chance to build her own conception of this different culture and was able to get the tools needed for communication in a natural and spontaneous way.

In our courses we aim to inspire our students to use their imagination to learn Italian, the desire to know more about it and to grow in anticipation of what it will feel like to be in Italy one day soon.

Photos by Riccardo Spinotti