Serata Futurista

October 9 and 10, 2009


In February 1909, the Founding Manifesto of Futurism (Italy’s avant-garde artistic movement) was published at Le Figaro in Paris. In the years following 1909, the publication of another twenty-six manifestos extended the Futurist movement into a multitude of media, even infusing the culinary arts with aesthetic values. The Manifesto sulla Cucina was introduced in 1930 and special recipes were created by well-known artists.

In association with UCLA and Otis College, Azzurra honors Futurismo’s centennial by hosting an evening of art, theater, music and film, and ending with a futuristic dinner on the Fowler Museum terrace. The menu, created by chef Evan Kleiman, is inspired by Marinetti’s Futuristic Cookbook from 1931, and includes such plates as carrot-leek puree with wild splashes of beets, milk bathed pork loin and sweet and savory lollipops.


The Harry and Yvonne Lenart Auditorium

ProVocation: Luigi Ballerini

Futurist Films: presented by Steven Ricci and Kenneth Turan
Amor Pedestre [“Pedestrian Love”] Marcel Fabre, 1914, 10 min.
Excelsior, Luca Comerio, 1914, 23 min.
Vitesse, [“Speed”] Tina Cordero, 1930, 13 min.

Manifestos: Luigi Ballerini & Paul Vangelisti

Theater*: Science and the Unknown or Synthesis of Syntheses: directed by Jon Kellam**
performed by Alessia Albani, Brian Kimmet** & Chris Schultz**

Performance:*** what > when how > what why > how & now > then Tommy Jordan and Company

**Members of The Actors’ Gang | *Lighting Designer: Jacqueline Reid – AG Lights | ***Video: Tommy Jordan & Randi Malkin Steinberger