New Media Workshop in Fermo, Italy

June 21 – July 15, 2014


In collaboration with Mediars and Le Corti dei Farfensi, Azzurra will hold this international worshop in Fermo, Le Marche. Over two weeks, participants will use new media tools to create short films about the town of Fermo, exploring its richness of history, people, and traditions.

This workshop provides a unique opportunity to expand skills in digital storytelling, design, video, and interactive content production, while exposing participants to the most current scenes within this innovative and multidisciplinary field.

Azzurra is happy to bring both John Bruno and Dante Spinotti (Academy Award winner for Visual Effects, and Academy Award Nominee for Cinemetography) to Fermo this season, to help guide the work and serve as mentors to the participants.


Silvano Lattanzi with the students
Silvano Lattanzi, Marcella Spinotti, and John Bruno
Piazza di Moresco (Fermo, le Marche)
Dante Spinotti, Antonella Cavalieri, Alessandro Marianantoni, Marcella Spinotti, Mariella, and John Bruno with the students