In the Kitchen with an Italian Baroness – Pizza Workshop at Piccolo Chef

November 2, 2008


Together with the award-winning kids cooking school Piccolo Chef, Azzurra has the honor of welcoming Baronessa Cecilia Bellelli Baratta (world-renowned chef and owner of the Azienda Agrituristica Seliano) to lead a workshop in pizza making.
Children who attend the workshop have the exciting opportunity to cook with a real Baronessa, who has brought from her native Napoli (birthplace of the pizza) traditional recipes, as well as homemade mozzarella and ricotta cheese!

The Bellelli estate in Pestum, Italy, besides offering perfect hospitality, is principally devoted to the raising of buffalo and horses. They invite their guests, young and old, to tour their farm and dairy, where the buffalo milk is processed into first class mozzarella.

Come be a part of this unique opportunity to learn the proper pizza-making techniques from this illustrious guest chef – straight from Italy!