Olio Flyer Final
In honor of the autumn harvest, join us for a leisurly lecture on olive oil’s most critical qualities, from cultivation and harvest, to production to consumption.

Marco Cavelieri, renowned viniculturist and international consultant, will explain the purest method of the oil’s production, how to taste this purity in the oil itself, and how to gleen this information from a label. Dr. Emeran Mayer, of UCLA department of neurobiology, will continue the talk, speaking of the relationship between olive oil, our bodies, and our minds.

Our first in a series of lectures to go beyond such labels as local and organic, teaching us to know our ingredients profoundly, from their roots.

Tickets are $25 and must be purchased here, below!
Naturally, wine from our friends Le Corti dei Farfensi, and food from our own Italian kitchens, will be offered to enjoy throughout.